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Digital Language #DigitalDNA

The last time marketers focused so obsessively on a particular generation was when the Baby Boomers became consumers. It’s not that they were particularly unusual in their characteristics, but rather because there were a lot of them and this made them hugely valuable as a target audience.

On the other hand, Millennials, or Generation Y, are very, very different. There are also a lot of them, particularly in developing economies where they often represent a population bulge, but it’s their personality attributes that fundamentally set them apart from the generations who have come before them.

Why? Because they are digital. Born somewhere between the early ’80s and 2000, they are #digitalnatives … this generation has digital as their first language.

They don’t know a world without ‘digital’ and their personalities echo this digital immersion. They are generally impatient, but also optimistic. They are often arrogant, but they are also incredibly values driven. They like cool stuff, but they don’t need to own the stuff and ultimately they are very jaded, even distrustful.

O be successful in any market, your #brandDNA must be authentic and not a chameleon based on your target market focus.

This means marketing to them is hard, but incredibly worthwhile when/if you crack it. If you win their trust, you win their loyalty and they have the purchasing power to back it up.

Dive deep and understand true integrity, value driven connection that endure time by enriching those that you seek to truly connect with.