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The DNA of Brand survival #MediaDNA

Brand survival in our digital world is made up of those that embrace both new media and traditional media…however, even using this terminology is out of date. New media is no longer “new”, it’s mature and well and truly embedded in the media consumption habits of most people.

At First Light we define these media consumption channels as MassCast and NarrowCast.

True integrated brand communications are a fusion of both Mass and Narrow Cast for maximum effectiveness.

Being present in NarrowCast might appease some and appeal to others, but is it actually on strategy? Is your MediaDNA working? How effective are you at truly engaging with the brandDNA and emotionalDNA of your target?

True consideration is required to maximize the effectiveness of every message shared across the complex matrix of media avenues to deliver your desired outcome.

In days gone by if you knew you needed to advertise your brand, it’s unlikely one would “just book a full page magazine ad” without applying any discipline or analytic. NarrowCast is the same, however triggered bby the same emotion that engage consumers, marketers are often too haste to lurch into ‘sharing’ without considering the longer term consequences of the footprint left behind…Is you brand communication matrix being driven by the haste FOMO (fear of missing out) principle?